misfortunes never come singly

Cf. early 14th-cent. Fr. ung meschief ne vient point seul, a misfortune does not come alone.

c 1300 King Alisaunder (EETS) 1.1276 Men telleth in olde mone [lament] The qued [harm] comuth nowher alone.

1509 A. BARCLAY Ship of Fools 236 Wyse men sayth, and oft it fallyth so..That one myshap fortuneth neuer alone.

1622 J. MABBE tr. Aleman’s Guzman d’Alfarache I. iii. Misfortunes seldome come alone.

1711 J. ADDISON Spectator 8 Mar. The Lady..said to her Husband with a Sigh, My Dear, Misfortunes never come single.

1791 T. BURR Letter 27 July in M. L. Davis Memoirs of Aaron Burr (1836) I. 301 We certainly see the old proverb very often verified. ‘That misfortunes never come singly,’ that poor little woman is a proof.

1894 BLACKMORE Perlycross II. vii. As misfortunes never come single, the sacred day robbed him of another fine resource.

1931 ‘L. CHARTERIS’ Wanted for Murder v. Blessings, like misfortunes, never come singly. There was even a packet of Havana cigarettes..behind the bath salts.

1981 G. MITCHELL Death-Cap Dancers v. ‘The car..skidded and hit a tree.’ ‘Misfortunes never come singly.

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